Aroma Bit Receives Additional Investment Funding From Epson X Investment, Kyocera And TechAccel Ventures

Entering mass production for a compact odor scanning sensor

Aroma Bit, Inc., (Representative Director and CEO: Shunichiro Kuroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), develops and markets compact odor imaging sensors and various associated innovative services, awarded additional shares to third parties . The purpose of the funding is to acquire the growth funds necessary for future improvements in the functionality of the company’s compact odor sensors and the development of mass production capabilities, business development, etc. Ogawa, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), Kyocera Corporation (Chairman: Hideo Tanimoto, Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto) and TechAccel Investment Limited Partnership 1 (Fund operated by TechAccel Ventures, LLC (Functional Director: Masatoshi Ohba, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo)) are the investment partners participating in this new capital investment.

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Silicon CMOS Type Odor Sensor Development Kit (Product ID: 5C-SSM) (Photo: Business Wire)

Aroma Bit, Inc .:

Objective and background of the increased capital investment: Support the acceleration of the mass production of compact odor sensors and the expansion of the digital odor detection market

Aroma Bit developed the world’s first compact odor imaging sensor that digitizes odors with visualization patterns from various odor inputs, similar to an animal’s sense of smell. It differs from conventional gas sensors, which can only detect specific substances.

Despite COVID-19, Aroma Bit has seen an increase in business negotiations with customers in Japan and internationally, accelerated by emerging trends such as smart technology, contactless technology and digital transformation (DX).

In addition, the device has a wide range of applications, including food, agriculture, commodities, industrial machinery, mobility, healthcare, robotics, mobile information services. , home electronics and IoT. With market applications exceeding initial expectations, there is a huge potential demand for scent digitization using Aroma Bit’s innovative technology.

Following this third-party award of new shares, Aroma Bit plans to collaborate with leading electronics companies with advanced manufacturing expertise to accelerate the development and mass production of compact odor sensor technologies.

In addition, Aroma Bit plans to strengthen the development of new products and services that leverage the company’s proprietary scent databases and expand its sales and marketing worldwide.

Going forward, Aroma Bit will continue to pursue its vision of “Enriching society by creating a world where smells and aromas are visualized through digital odor detection technology”.

Silicon CMOS Compact Odor Sensor Development Kit released

Aroma Bit launched its silicon CMOS sensor module development kit [5C-SSM-H1] in January 2021. These sensors comprise 80 elements arranged on a 6 mm x 3 mm silicon chip (5 types of membranes sensitive to odors x 16 elements per membrane). Aroma Bit Silicon Sensor Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Aroma Bit, manages sales of these devices.

With the release of the silicon CMOS odor sensor, Aroma Bit anticipates increased demand in high-volume consumer applications such as mobile devices, mobility and home electronics, where its other use of the QCM odor sensor was previously difficult due to factors such as price and usage. environment.

About Aroma Bit

Aroma Bit is a company that plans, develops and sells electronic devices such as compact odor sensors as well as new innovative services that use these devices.

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Company Name:

Aroma Bit, Inc.


Sagami building. 2F, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Representative Director and CEO Shunichiro Kuroki


February 2014


Development, production and sale of electronic equipment and systems, including compact odor imaging sensors

Planning, development and sale of innovative products and services using sensors

Other matters related to the above


About Epson X Investment

Epson X Investment Corporation is an enterprise venture capital (CVC) company 100% owned by information equipment and precision instrument maker Seiko Epson Corporation. It has established the “EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership” with the independent venture capital firm Global Brain Corporation, which has strengths in CVC operations, as a general partner and conducts investment activities.


About Kyocera

Kyocera Corporation (TOKYO: 6971,, the parent company and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of fine ceramics (also known as ” advanced ceramic “). By combining these engineering materials with metals and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of industrial and automotive components, semiconductors, electronic devices, smart energy systems, printers, copiers and mobile phones. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, the company’s consolidated revenue was 1.6 trillion yen (approximately US $ 14.7 billion). Kyocera is ranked # 549 on Forbes the magazine’s “Global 2000” 2020 list of the world’s largest publicly traded companies.

About TechAccel Ventures

TechAccel Ventures, LLC is a venture capital firm created and operated by Omron, Ricoh and SMBC Venture Capital. It invests mainly in technology companies.

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